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The Path to Success

As one of the world's most sought after motivational speakers, Travis Sims is a dynamic personality and resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders looking to expand opportunity.
As a premier Keynote Speaker for audiences as large as 3,000 people - Travis Sims energizes people to meet challenges head on. He never tires of using his energy and abilities to transform people, well-beyond the podium and public appearances, meshing traditional and social media to empower his audiences.

Addressing audiences from all over the world, Travis Sims is always invited back for his powerful message and the ability to connect with people from all walks of life. It isn't just his way with words that motivates people to face roadblocks or adversity. Travis Sims has the unique ability to be able to reach his audience verbally and visually through his magic and motivation presentations.
Travis Sims grew up in a small town in Central Indiana where his 1st jobs included putting up hay, detassling corn, and mowing yards. He started life hard at 17 with a baby on the way, dropping out of High School, becoming a single parent, and many other life adversities. He shares how he was able to rise above life's curve balls and become a leading Entertainer, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Thought Leader.

Travis is uniquely qualified to speak to today's leading business owners and top sales professionals. He knows how to establish relationships so your customers, know, like, and trust you. Travis has owned three successful businesses that he built from the ground up. He has also been an industry leader in a global networking organization, Travis has been a keynote speaker for National and International Conferences teaching referral, and relationship strategies in front of audiences from 49 different countries.

As an Award-Winning Executive Leader Travis Sims has over 15 years of training business owners networking strategies. In 2014, he was nominated by his peers to serve on the Founder's Circle, along with 19 others from around the world. He also was a part of the Mastery Circle an exclusive group for only the top regions worldwide.
Travis has so many life experiences to share from small town, life adversities, 10 years as a professional magician, entrepreneur, business owner, and 15 years as a business educator.

Travis is committed to motivating and training today's leaders, up and coming leaders, as he introduces new audiences every day to his messages and presentations "On the other side of your current struggle is your next victory." "Celebrate every stage in your life to reach your true potential." "The Magic of Networking." "Networking In The New Normal" These are just a few of his topics. Travis is ready to speak to your business, association, organization, full church assembly, or youth groups. To achieve amazing results for your organization Travis Sims fills the room with his high-impact, customized message and standing ovation performance!

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