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Travis Sims is the Founder & CEO of AGC Accelerated Global Connections. I’m pleased to share some of the most relevant information. Check out Travis in action on podcasts, live broadcasts and videos.

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The Magic of Networking

#1 Amazon Best Seller 

Featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, & NBC.

Many people have been told to go out and do networking to grow your business or advance your career. However, networking is not taught in college and most people have no idea how to network effectively. Just like magic is a learned and honed skill of the magician. Networking is a skill that must be learned and mastered. Networking is not the question for business professionals, networking is the answer.


Networking In The New Normal

#1 Amazon Best Seller

Featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, & NBC.

Welcome to the new normal; more business is being done online. You might be feeling left behind. Business owners & salespeople can’t afford to isolate themselves. You need to insulate yourself with a strong network. You can’t social distance you need to physical distance but stay social. You will be taught networking online through LinkedIn and social media platforms, including how to connect authentically using Zoom.