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Weight Loss

Travis Sims understands the challenges of being overweight and life's adversities. During the recession of 2008 Travis experienced the loss of his business, his home and his marriage all in one year causing him to gain a tremendous amount of weight. He eventually tipped the scales at 300+ pounds on his 5'10" frame!

It wasn't until 2013 while Travis was visiting Universal Studios theme park in Orlando Florida that he was turned away from getting on a roller coaster due to his size. He finally woke up and decided to get back in control of his health.

Travis applied the same principles he has applied many times in building a successful business to his new weight loss goals. He shared with the world by making a post on Facebook in front of over 2000 of his social media friends that he weighed 300 pounds, his feet hurt, he had a hard time finding clothes, he sweated standing still, he had high blood pressure, and today he was making a change.

Travis immediately went to work with a goal to lose 100 pounds in one year without surgery to go back and ride that roller coaster! In one year he not only hit his goal he lost a total of 115 pounds that year and rode every roller coaster in the park!

Today Travis is an accountability coach who shares the things that worked for him and the small little ingredients that made all the difference to his success. He will teach you how to set your weight loss goal and smash it following his simple yet effective principles.

  • Dream Big

  • Set a Goal

  • Write it Down

  • Share it with others

  • Make a Plan

  • Take Action

  • Stick to it!

  • Reach you Goal

  • Celebrate!


Travis also understands the hardest part of weight loss is keeping it off. He now continues to celebrate years of his incredible transformation and keeping off the weight permanently. If you are looking for a powerful accountability coach with real life application Travis Sims is the right choice for you,

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Travis Sims is a true competitor! He doesn't know the words quit or can't. Travis has the drive of a competitive athlete. He has applied this drive in every area of his life.

Travis understands how to create and coach vision, goal setting, putting an action plan in place and accomplish success. He has proven this over and over again in business and in life. More importantly he knows how to teach it to others and help them have the same kind of successes.

Travis will share real life experiences about how he overcame a rough start in life being a teenage single parent living in poverty. He will share how he overcame a 100 pound weight loss goal. How he managed to open and grow a business over and over again with no budget and had to create a market when there wasn't one. How he climbed to the top of an organization to create amazing success and has went on to become one of the most sought after coaches, speakers and trainers in the country.

After losing over 100 pounds Travis began in his "free time" for "enjoyment" to run in competitive Mud Obstacle Courses. He has completed some of the toughest courses on the planet running in the following races:

  • Warrior Dash

  • Rugged Maniac

  • Spartan

  • Mudocalypse

  • Battle Frog

  • Tough Mudder


So why are so many people like Travis Sims signing up to willingly roll around in the mud, wade through ice water, leap over fire, scale giant walls, army crawl under barbed wire and even get electrocuted - for "fun?" To most participants, mud runs are about the camaraderie of teamwork rather than the thrill of a new personal record.

Travis applies what he has learned in running some of the toughest mud runs in the world to his motivational speeches. He will share with you or your group how to overcome life's obstacles and not get suck in the mud. He will teach you how that when life knocks you down you get up again. Travis will share with you and motivate you that anything is possible when you set your mind to accomplishing it. Travis has a way of teaching Team building and working together as a unit to accomplish the end goal.

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